Posted by Pili Pala Web Design on December 7, 2016

Using the New Concrete5 Version 8

Concrete5 has recently released their new version of concrete5, version 8. There are lots of changes and improvements, and it is an exciting time to be using concrete5.

As with any version updates, if you want to use the new version on an existing site, please ensure that you have backed up your website files and database before making any updates. As the change from v 5.7.x to v 8 is a major update, it is advisable to try the update on a test site first, before making the changes to your live site.

Our Themes and Version 8

We have tested our v 5.7.x themes in concrete5 version 8, and have ensured they are version 8 friendly. The only necessary changes that we have identified so far, are some minor changes to sample content, and a change to the Salix Tags block custom template.

Sample Content

The sample content changes will not affect you unless you are installing the theme for the first time with sample content.

Tags Custom Template

Salix version v 1.1.0 has the modified version 8 friendly Tags block custom template added. If you want to use Salix with version 8, you will need to use the updated Tags block custom template.


Our sample content currently uses the forms from version 5.7.x, now renamed "Legacy Form". If you want to change your contact form to the new form in concrete5, simply delete that form and drag a new Form block to the area. For more information on concrete5's new forms and express objects, check out this video.

We hope that you enjoy using our themes in version 8!

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