Posted by Pili Pala Web Design on November 21, 2016

Easily Customisable Concrete5 Theme

Juniper is our new theme for concrete5, and we are very excited about it! It is a very flexible theme, and we have included optional sections for your content - add blocks to them if you want them to show, otherwise leave them empty. Easily change background colours of sections in the concrete5 dashboard.

We have given the theme a top menu that can have one or two rows of content - ideal if you need to add your social icons, phone number or search function to the menu. If you just want your menu to have one row, with your logo and links, no problem, just don't add blocks to the top row in your menu and you won't see it! We have added some nice effects to the top menu - scroll down the page and notice the top menu shrinks and becomes more opaque.

We have included several custom blocks, templates and classes to help you quickly build your website. In addition, we have also included Wow animations in this theme!

The theme comes with 6 colour presets available from the concrete5 design panel. If you want even greater control over your theme colours, you will find that many of the colours are customisable individually in the design panel.

Find out more information here and buy the theme!


  • Responsive design. Your website will look good on a mobile, tablet or computer.
  • Responsive Bootstrap menu. The menu is a two-level Bootstrap fixed menu.
  • Search block custom template (optional). For use in the top menu.
  • Top Menu with additional areas (optional) above. We have added areas above the top menu for you to add your social icons and contact details or search form. If you don't add a block to one of these areas, the top bar will not show.
  • Sample Content. Quickly create your website with our sample content.
  • Custom templates. Custom templates for portfolios and blogs.
  • Custom blocks. Easily add an accordion, team member, button, thumbnail or animated page title with one of our blocks.
  • Custom classes
  • Support for animations
  • Easily add a heading with an animated typing effect
  • 6 colour presets. Easily change your theme colours with one of our 6 presets: blue, green, orange, pink, purple and red.
  • Lots of colour customisation options available in the design panel.
  • Built using Bootstrap v3.3
  • Multiple page templates
  • User guide - step by step instructions included as a PDF in the Juniper package folder.
  • Retina ready
  • Support for responsive videos