Posted by Pili Pala Web Design on February 17, 2017

New Page Templates for Juniper Concrete5 Theme

As of Juniper v 1.0.4, we have included page templates to accommodate a slider instead of a banner image. These page templates are Full V2, Home V2, Left Sidebar V2 and Right Sidebar V2.

Add a Banner Image Slider

To add a slider to a page, you must first choose one of these page templates. While on the page in edit mode, click on the gear icon at the top left of the menu. Click on "Design" then click "Expand" under Page Template and choose one of the templates listed above. Click "Save Changes".

Then in edit mode, add your slider block to the empty "Banner Slider" area.

We have tested the default concrete5 Image Slider block in this area, but we cannot comment on other marketplace sliders in regards to whether they will work with the Juniper theme.

We have added styles to the default concrete5 Image Slider block, which will make the slider full width in tablet and desktop view. In mobile view, the images will be 500px high, and auto width. A good size for the banner slider images is roughly around 1920px by 800px.

Buy Juniper Concrete5 Theme

Don't have the Juniper theme yet? You can head over to the concrete5 marketplace to purchase a copy.

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