Posted by Pili Pala Web Design on November 26, 2015

Due to popular request, we have now added a white and blue colour preset to our Seren theme, version 0.9.7.

We love the dark look of Seren, but some clients have asked us can this theme have a white background? Well, of course, you can customise the colours of the theme in the concrete5 dashboard, but we wanted to make it a bit easier for people who want a white theme by providing a sample white colour preset.

Currently, the Seren theme is available in 6 colours with a dark background, and in blue with a white background. As you can see on our demo site, the theme looks good with a white background as well. If you don't like blue, that's okay. The theme colours are very easy to change in the dashboard, no coding knowledge required.

photo of demo website for Seren showing the white colour preset

screenshot of seren's customisation panel for white colour preset

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