The new version of concrete5 is now available to download and there are some major changes since the previous version. The new version features a sleek looking dashboard, with blocks that can be dragged and dropped onto pages. But that is just the start of it!
We have just released our new concrete5 v 5.7.x theme, Seren, which features a menu with a scrolling transparency effect. Complete with ghost buttons and accordion block, this theme also offers 6 colour presets.
Due to popular request, we have now added a white and blue colour preset to our concrete5 theme, Seren (version 0.9.7).
We have now released a version of Salix theme for concrete5 v5.7.x. It has many of the same features as before, with a few bonus features added in.
Our new theme Achillea has just been released on the Concrete5 5.7 marketplace. Achillea is an elegant theme that comes with sample content to make creating your new site a breeze.
We are proud to introduce our new theme, Cariad, which is available on the Concrete5 5.7 marketplace. Cariad is a creative, full width concrete5 theme that comes with sample content and documentation.
Our latest theme, Juniper, is now available on the concrete5 marketplace. It includes optional sections for your content - add blocks to them if you want them to show, otherwise leave them empty. Easily change background colours of sections in the concrete5 dashboard.
Upgrade to the latest version of Juniper concrete5 theme to use our new page templates. We have included some page templates to allow the use of a banner image slider, instead of a banner background image.